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Create colorful, high-quality posters that instantly call your customers’ attention. Display your distinct design at their favorite coffee shop, at the next big trade show, or at the bus station.

Choose from three kinds of posters made of durable yet lightweight material. Your product printing choice depends on several factors, such as the size, material, and finish of your artwork.

poster printing service
poster printing service

Keep these features in mind as you decide on the best poster type for your ads and promotions:

Bulk Poster Mounted Posters Large Format Posters
Ideal for a wider reach Ideal for store displays Ideal for showcasing photographs at trade shows or exhibits
Recommended for large quantity orders of 1,000 and up. Recommended for posters mounted on an easel or a wall. Recommended for high-resolution photographs or images that will be printed on a large size.
Printed on sturdy 100 lb. paper, 10 pt. cardstock, and 14 pt. cardstock, making it great for display on community boards. Made of easy-to-carry but durable white PVC board. Choose between semigloss or high gloss posters to bring out every detail.
Popular sizes include 11” x 17”, 18”x 24”, and 24”x 36”. Water-resistant material makes it perfect for outdoor displays. Lasts in the long run indoors; waterproof feature allows for a temporary outdoor display.
Custom size available for specific dimensions. Add a design on one side or catch attention from both the front and back. Choose from several standard sizes or print in a custom dimension.
Prints in 1 business day, after the poster is considered print ready. Prints in 2 to 3 business days. _