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Packaging Materials Printing

There’s a science behind great packaging and factors like design, materials, construction, and functionality all work together in a precise formula. Now ask yourself, does your formula equate to a lasting impression? Use these guidelines to create the best packaging for your product.

The Personality Test

A good design reflects the personality and characteristics of your brand, with the potential to be in existence for a long time.

Serve and Protect

There’s no point in creating a beautiful package if it can’t protect your product. Box construction, specialized materials, and wear testing are part of a good R&D strategy. The weight, dimensions, and physical make up of your product all dictate the appropriate architecture of the package.

Shiny Objects

Color and design features play a huge part in attracting interest. A high-gloss finish or specific vibrant Pantone spot color can add that extra splash of appeal. While an embossed or foil-stamped logo tempts the sense of touch.

packaging materials printing service
packaging materials printing service

Custom Packaging Boxes – Printing and Design

From die creation to prototyping and design, we’ve got you covered.

  • Style – Printing for Less specializes in bringing your custom box to life. We have a library of hundreds of fully customizable box templates.
  • Size – From small to large, we can accommodate almost any size box.
  • Paper – We have a variety of paper types, thicknesses, and finishes available. Our packaging experts will help you make the right choice for your box.
  • Special Effects – Embossing, die cutting and foil stamping available on most boxes.
  • Prototyping – 3D proofing and fully functioning prototypes available. You can even send us your products so we can design your box to the exact size.
  • Fulfillment – Assembly, inventory control, kitting labor and logistics for you or your customer.
  • Quantities – Short to medium runs starting at 250.
AV prints has dedicated experts ready to help bring your idea to life. Call now to discuss your project.